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Mysteries for Class

Mystery patterns for class use are sold in packets of nine (minimum) or more patterns. The cost is $5.50 per pattern.

All information, except supply lists and cutting information is in sealed envelopes so that the coordinator or instructor can play along, if desired. Usually, the instructor does the mystery on her own, then has the model and expertise for teaching the class.

Patterns require basic rotary cutting and machine piecing skills. Techniques are diverse, interesting, simple, and precise. No pattern contains applique, curved seams, Y-seams, or similar challenges.

Each mystery packet contains all of the following:

Supply Lists
These pages list fabric requirements, tools, and supplies needed for the quilt. There is one copy for each pattern ordered.

Cutting Instructions
There is one copy for each pattern ordered. Participants should be given both the supply list and cutting instructions upon paying for the class so they will have the cutting done before arriving.

Numbered and sealed envelopes
The envelopes contain the instructions. Envelope #1 contains an instruction sheet for each participant, i.e., if you ordered the minimum, there would be nine instruction sheets in the envelope. The number of steps vary from six to eighteen among the mystery patterns. The number of steps has nothing to do with the skill level or the length of time it takes to make the quilt. That information can be found in the description of each pattern.

For obvious reasons there is no picture brochure for the mystery patterns. While attending Quilt Market you may come by my booth to view a graphic of each pattern prior to ordering. If you do not attend Quilt Market, contact us for assistance in selecting a suitable pattern for your needs.

We provide information about the size, skill level, etc. The time suggested to allow for class is the minimum and does not take into account the cutting, which is usually done prior to class. With few exceptions, quilters will not be able to complete the quilt during class. Allow more time or sessions if your desire is that they go home with everything done in one piece.

Please call if I can help guide you to the right mystery!